• My Baby Is 3 Months Old
  • Anna Kate’s Second Month
  • Decorating Our Home- The Foyer
  • The Quest For The Perfect Mascara
  • Is This Why You Aren’t Getting A Lot of Comments? (blogging tips)

My Baby Is 3 Months Old

AnnaKate3 Months

  How? I have no idea. We finally have guaranteed one on one time together because the big one started preschool a couple of weeks ago. It is insane to me how easy just one baby is. I remember thinking it was the hardest thing ever when Karina was a baby. It was an ordeal [...]

Anna Kate’s Second Month

Anna Kate2 Months

This month Anna Kate: (Okay so this is late, Anna Kate turned 2 months on July 29th) -Is 13 lb 10 oz, and 23 inches (16 in. head circumference) of perfection! -Started sleeping through the night -Started laughing -Loves watching daddy and big sister, thinks the dog is crazy. -Head control is beyond excellent. -Refuses [...]

Decorating Our Home- The Foyer

Decorating Our Home

  We have lived in our formerly mint-green house since July and it is finally starting to come together so I will share room with you as we finish them. The first “room” that we finished was the foyer. It was definitely the easiest.     I only had to buy the table. We already [...]

The Quest For The Perfect Mascara

The QuestFor The PerfectMascara

If your Facebook news feed looks anything like mine it is blowing up with posts about 3D fiber lashes. I can honestly tell you they are freaking fantastic. I consider myself kind of a mascara aficionado. I have tried pretty much everything. Basically my entire adult life I have been searching for the perfect mascara. [...]

Mellowing Out

Mellowing Out

So back in the day when this blog was new and crop tops were not a thing, I was really bitchy. Like I look back and think, wow I had lots of anger and a big mouth. Most of you probably remember that. You may have even noticed that over the past couple of years [...]

30 before 30

Untitled design-5

  1. Get a tattoo. 2. Leave the country. 3. Vacation with Boris, with out kids. 4. Successfully grow something (anything). 5. Do a 5k with the husband. 6. Find at least 1 type of red wine I like. 7. Do a girl’s trip with friends. No kids or husbands. 8. Decide what I want [...]

I Have The Secret To Successful Potty Training

The Secret To Successful Potty Training-5

And the secret is to vomit. Let me explain… Karina was easy to potty train. My parenting style is lazy, and I took the lazy approach to potty training. I tried one day when I found out I was pregnant because I panicked at the idea of having 2 in diapers. But in the end [...]

Curly Hair Chronicles- Kinky Moves (Not Your Mother’s)

curly hair chronicles 8-18

I decided to start a new feature here on ye olde blog, since while I might not be an expert, I do have curly hair and I basically will buy any product that says it’s for curly hair. I will share my wealth of knowledge and experience with you. So to start this off I [...]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Untitled design-3

My mom used to make these cookies when I was growing up, and I never got the recipe until a couple of weeks ago. I forgot how good they are so I decided to share! They don’t taste oatmeal-y at all. They just taste delicious. Also oats? Totally make this healthy, and oats are excellent [...]