5 Things I Just Literally Can’t Even

I’m a basic. I will embrace this. As such there are things I just literally can’t.


1. Pumpkin spice.
I said I was a basic, but pumpkin spice is just one thing I can’t even. I don’t get it. I don’t want pumpkin everything. It’s gone too far. I’m going to hulk smash the next pumpkin spice thing I see. Because I can’t.

2. Leggings.
This goes hand in hand with pumpkin spice. I can’t do leggings. Nope. Can’t. Even. Not pants. Too much jiggle for that. I don’t like camel toe. I don’t want to have a camel toe. I can’t.


3. Waking up before 8 am.
Why does anyone wake up early? When my kids wake up before 8 I want to die. I slightly die inside to be honest. I have Karina trained to go talk to the baby so the baby remains happy because if it’s before 8 am? I just can’t.

4. Whiny Facebook Posts.
You know what I’m talking about. The whiny ones fishing for attention like “OMG MY DAY IS TERRIBLE” and then when you ask why she tells you she’ll tell you later or that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Um obviously you do. You posted. I can’t.


5. Black Friday shopping.
Unless best buy is going to give me Alexander Skargard in a speedo, I just can’t even. Crowds are too much.

I think I need to read this book:


Curly Hair Chronicles- Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious

I promised that I would share my vast knowledge of curly products with you since I’ve tried basically everything and will buy anything that is for curls. I’ve just been lazy about actually writing about it. And taking pictures. I’m so lazy.

Bumble and Bumble is a salon brand, and is more expensive than I like, but my mom got this stuff for me.

Curly Hair Chronicles

I won’t lie the first time I used it I was not impressed, but I didn’t use my diffuser. My mom said the diffuser activated the ingredients (even though the directions say air drying is fine) so I tried with a diffuser and was much happier.


So while this time it worked better than the first time, I’m still not a huge fan. I like my curls pretty defined and this just didn’t do that. It did leave them soft. But kind of fuzzy after a few hours. So frizzy haired friends? This product is probably not for you. Maybe combined with a gel.

I probably will not be buying this product again. I hate products that don’t last all day and this is definitely one of them.

Also… That picture is no filter. I have EXCELLENT light in my bathroom.


What Next?

I have hit every major milestone in my life, graduation, marriage, baby, baby number 2, buying our first home. You know the things that you work towards your whole life to achieve.

I am done. Lifetime achievement unlocked before my 26th birthday. Score.


My friends are just now starting to catch up with engagements or babies or whatever and it is all so exciting. Because I remember that feeling. And I will never have it again.

It’s really bittersweet. I am so happy to be where I am in life but I can’t help feeling like, what now? What am I supposed to do now?

This past year was SO exciting. We had our second baby and bought our first home. Maybe what I am feeling is the hangover from both of those events happening so close together. But I feel like now my life is just going to be boring. It can’t be right?

In the past 5 or so years I have constantly been anticipating something, my husband coming home from deployment, the birth of a baby, a move, closing on our home, something. To not be anticipating something major makes me feel empty. And boring. Which is good I guess, in some ways. I just miss having something exciting to look forward to.

But seriously, what next?

Adventures In Home Owning: Hardwood Scratches

We have been homeowners for about 5 months now and have lived here for 4.

It only took a couple of months for me to scratch the hardwood in our kitchen, engineered hardwood if I’m being technical. Because our floor is so dark the scratch was really noticeable and I was not happy. So B and I googled how to fix this before we lost our minds. We found this kit on Amazon. But it’s no longer available there, but you can find it at Home Depot which is the link I provided.


We went with Piccobello because although it was a bit spendier than some of the other ones we saw, it looked to have a bigger selection of colors and more in the kit. It also had no reviews on Amazon which meant no one hated it! It was a plus because all of the other kits seemed to be hated. You guys, it was amazing.

It was so amazing that B, my blog hating husband, was like “you need to blog about this.” So that is what I am doing. Obviously. We couldn’t find any reviews of anything, and we wish someone would have said something, anything about any of the kits that were on the market.

So this is what we did.

Untitled design-8


So, first we gouged the floor board with a knife, you will probably scratch yours with something like a Tupperware container full of spaghetti sauce (The OG of floor scratches here).

We then matched up the colors, you always want to go lighter than you think you need, because you can darken it up later if needed. Or add darker stripes like you have in wood grain.

The third picture is actually the second step… B scored the gouge to make it easier to fill in.

The kit has an electric melter thing to melt the color sticks, it’s the blue thing in the picture. And I’m honestly not sure what he is doing in the fourth picture. But it’s one of the steps, I think it’s the smoothing step.

With the coloring step you can use more than one color to blend it in with the wood grain, which really helps to make it look like there is no scratch.

And the last picture is the after. You can barely see the scratch! You can see it if you really look for it. But the stuff isn’t magic and you did scratch your floor, it does a really good job of making the scratch just blend in.

I totally recommend this product to anyone looking.

New Nursing Mom Capsule Wardrobe

New Nursing Mom Capsule Wardrobe


One of my biggest challenges after I had Anna Kate was getting dressed. It was so hard finding things that looked good and allowed for me to nurse. Post partum bodies are not the same as normal bodies and things just don’t look right for a while. When at home I lived in yoga pants but I HATE HATE HATE going out in public in yoga pants.

So I eventually came up with a capsule wardrobe of items that looked good and were functional. I have links to things I actually own or have something similar to.

2 pairs of jeans that fit well. I really like the Mossimo mid rise legging jeans, inexpensive so I can replace as I drop sizes, and the mid rise is flattering.

A nice flowy cardigan/sweater, the one I have is from express and I love it. A couple of nice tanks are key to layering.

Loose and flowy is also key! Hide the tummy, and easy to lift for nursing. For a capsule wardrobe you probably want about 3 tops. Ruched tops are also nice but can sometimes make you look pregnant still.

You will also really really want a nice, awesome nursing bra. I did a review on one a couple of weeks ago. Trust me, a nice nursing bra makes all the difference in the world!

Nursing tanks! Good ones. They help eliminate a layer under clothes. When nursing, layering is a must, one layer to hide the belly and the other that you lift up. It helps to make nursing a little more discreet, so no one sees any skin they don’t need to. The idea of anyone seeing my loose skin when Anna Kate was teeny would make me cringe.

And flat shoes. Flat shoes are key when toting a baby around. Or I’m just clumsy. But I love my Sanuk yoga slings and yoga sling shots, and you can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylors.

So in short: 2 pairs jeans, 1 cardi, 2 tanks for layering, 3 flattering tops, at least one great nursing bra, as many nursing tanks as you want, flat shoes.

I realize none of this is groundbreaking news but honestly, I wish I had been able to find a list like this when I was pregnant/brand new to nursing because it would have saved me a lot of time in yoga pants looking like a slob.