34 Week Bumpdate

32 weeks

So it’s been a while since I last updated everyone on my pregnancy.  I was 22 weeks then… Now I’m 34. That’s 12 week of hugeness to catch you up on Before my hiatus I was feeling excellent. I didn’t even feel pregnant. Things have changed friends. They really have. I was feeling excellent up [...]

Krista, Where Have You Been?

our house april 10

I have no idea. Honestly. I’ve been around with very little desire to blog. Well that’s not all true, I just got overwhelmed by all the other stuff going on in my life… We (finally) got orders. We will likely be in the lovely state of GA for a while so we decided to put [...]

5 REAL Reasons To Do Pre-Natal Yoga


So we have all heard the reasons like “it’s good for mind, body, and soul” to try pre-natal yoga. None of those are really appealing to me. But I have thought of a few REAL reasons I would recommend doing a little yoga while you are knocked up. 1. Sex. There comes a point in [...]

22 Week BumpDate!

anna kate 22 weeks

    22 weeks as of this past Sunday and Monday’s ultrasound confirmed that Anna Kate is still a girl. I really need to make some comparison collages for my pregnancies.

Toddlers Are A Conundrum

during today's whine fest

Karina is at an interesting place in her young life. She is currently equal parts charming and amazing and insane and terrible. Luckily she has the good moments because days like today make me want to poke my eyes out and question why I’m doing this again. It’s totally a “Oh no what have I [...]

Falling Apart


Seriously, you have no idea. And no this isn’t going to be a sad post where I tell you all my emotional troubles. These are my concrete in my face problems, things that I can actually solve easily. Well not really. But my body seems to be falling apart. The past week has been hellacious. [...]

My Baby Turned 3!


I don’t know how this happened. I say this every year. But I really mean it this year. In the past year Karina went from non-verbal to talking so much I can’t keep up anymore. She’s become so independent and started preschool and really started acting like a big girl. I still see my baby [...]

Half Way There!


I hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy on Sunday. So I figured I might as well write a post about my pregnancy so far. I swear if my clothes still fit I wouldn’t have a clue I was pregnant. I might just assume the baby movements were extreme gas. I’m busy with Karina so [...]

Naming A Baby


I love names. I love hearing other people’s choices and learning what the name trends are. My husband? Not so much. As soon as I got pregnant I found it was a girl I wanted to talk names. He did not. He really did not. He was like what’s the rush. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? [...]

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