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A Fresh Start

For a while now I’ve kind of felt like the name of this blog isn’t really fitting. I struggled with what to do and just blogged less, which obviously you noticed. It feels super lame to say that it made me feel that I couldn’t write what I wanted, but it did, even though I knew it was my blog to do what I wanted with. It just felt inauthentic.

The other day in the shower it came to me. I ran the idea past my best friend and a few others. And a new idea was born.

I am starting a new blog. This one will stay up, but once I get the new one going, this one will no longer be updated.

I am so excited to share more details with you all. I’ll keep posting until then with updates on the progress, and how to follow me, you know all that good stuff.

So what is this new blog called?


logo 2 lines

Hope you will stick with me!!!