The Quest For The Perfect Mascara

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Basically my entire adult life I have been searching for the perfect mascara. I’ve found some decent ones, ones I hated, ones I loved. But none were “The One.” I never leave my house without mascara, like ever. I will go without lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc., but never mascara. So it’s pretty important [...]

Is That Weird?

I lie about my due date

When strangers ask me when I’m due I lie about when I’m due. I watch A LOT of crime shows. Snapped and Deadly Women (and pretty much anything on ID Discovery) are amongst my favorites. Since this is the programming I prefer I have seen a few shows where various pregnant women get kidnapped and [...]

Home Owning Update!


Closing is quickly approaching, and I have tons of new pictures of my house! But the best part is that it is no longer mint green!   This is good for a number of reasons… Number one being that I don’t have to listen to Boris bitch about the color mint green anymore. Dead serious [...]

I Am Almost 38 Weeks Pregnant

37 weeks

    I am so close to done with this pregnancy. I can taste the margaritas. And feel the real clothes. But like everything, the closer it gets the farther away it seems. Also? I wrote a similar post earlier this week but some a-hole hacked WordPress and my site was affected. Which is wicked [...]

Keep or Toss? Baby Stuff Edition

Keep Or Toss

So I’m now knee deep in second baby preparations. She is going to be here SO SOON. I kept as much as I could from Karina’s baby days. Some stuff I had to get rid of due to moves and no space. I can tell you there are some things I am very glad I [...]

Nina Needs To GO! Or Just Get The Eff Off My TV


  If you are a parent of a young child (and you are not a TV hating hippie) you have probably seen this short on Disney Junior at one point or another. I freaking hate this little girl with a fiery passion. She is a twat. Sorry for the strong language describing a young cartoon [...]

Lessons In Home Buying


So I mentioned that we are building our very first home (which is obviously super exciting). It’s a little difficult because we are in MD and the builder and everyone is down in GA. This means a lot of picking things I haven’t seen in person. And let’s be clear I am the main decision [...]

Am I Supposed To Care About My Pubes While Pregnant?

Grooming While Pregnant

This seems to be a recurrent topic amongst my fellow pregnant women: how are you maintaining the hair on your (insert euphemism for vagina). Any message board for pregnant women will have this topic. The answers are amazing, people let their husbands shave their vaginas. I love my husband but feel like our child will [...]

My Top 10 New Baby Must Haves

it out!-2

1. Rock n Play   Dead serious, we got this when Karina was 5 weeks old, and the first day we had it was the first time she slept through the night. 2. SwaddleMe or swaddle blankets (I sprang for some Aden + Anais this time, and am so excited to try them) 3. Baby [...]