A Fresh Start

For a while now I’ve kind of felt like the name of this blog isn’t really fitting. I struggled with what to do and just blogged less, which obviously you noticed. It feels super lame to say that it made me feel that I couldn’t write what I wanted, but it did, even though I knew it was my blog to do what I wanted with. It just felt inauthentic.

The other day in the shower it came to me. I ran the idea past my best friend and a few others. And a new idea was born.

I am starting a new blog. This one will stay up, but once I get the new one going, this one will no longer be updated.

I am so excited to share more details with you all. I’ll keep posting until then with updates on the progress, and how to follow me, you know all that good stuff.

So what is this new blog called?


logo 2 lines

Hope you will stick with me!!!

Back to Basics

Back when this blog first started, I was young, only 21. I was newly married and my husband had just deployed. I also had this as my Facebook profile picture.

What a baby.

What a baby.


I’ve grown up here.

I was pretty bitchy and wasn’t afraid to let it show. I got some attention from a site that won’t be named but it wasn’t good my friends.

I continued doing my thing and then started doing stuff for NextGen MilSpouse, which was awesome but it made me tone it down a bit because being associated with that meant I couldn’t be an asshole all the time. Which was fine because I had been mellowing out anyway. It was had to keep up with what I started here and my new normal less bitchy but also very aware that everything I said reflected back everywhere. So I toned it down. Way, way, way down. To the point where I rarely blogged because it felt inauthentic.

I lost what this blog started out as, in my quest to get brands to like me and gain more readers. I was afraid to voice my opinion lest I sound like an asshole or offend anyone. Totally guilty of turning this place vanilla. It became just like everyone else.

Not anymore. I am going back to my roots. I have decided I can’t please everyone and I don’t really want to.

So get ready for me to get back to my basics.

Love Story Link Up


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Some blogging friends and I thought it would be fun to link up our love stories for Valentines Day!

Share how you met your husband or how you fell in love with your kids, dog, cat or job. Whatever, the name of the game is love. You might even already have a post about your love story, I don’t know your life, but share it here!

I can’t wait to read all of your love stories and hopefully you find other bloggers to love!

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Our Love Story



I can’t believe I’ve never shared this before, I know I mention a little bit about how I met my husband on my about me page, but I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about how we came to be. This my friends is a story of true romance. With all of the unsavory parts edited out.

Let’s start with the background. My sister-in-law is my best friend from college. I knew she had a brother who was in the Navy. She said he hated everyone, especially her friends. I was like whatever, because I’d never meet him.

Spring break of our sophomore year (ish) he got out of the Navy. He then began to drive my lovely sister-in-law insane because he didn’t know anyone in Boston so was up her butt all the time. So my first day back she was like “Please save me, come help me learn to drive” which, lol, I didn’t drive at that point either. But her brother did!

They picked me up at the Starbucks on the corner of Berkeley St. and we headed out to find a parking lot to drive around. This led to me telling people we met on a street corner for years.

To be honest, nothing special happened that afternoon. I thought he was cute. Whatever. We didn’t do much talking but there was much screaming at my sister-in-law, who by the way is a terrible driver. (7 years later she still doesn’t have a license in case you were wondering).

So my sister-in-law called me later that night and said I needed to hang out with her brother because she had to study and he wouldn’t shut up. I got myself ready, and went down to meet him since he had to come to my dorm, because what other options did we have?

I was 19 so it’s not like we could go out drinking. The obvious choice was to hit the liquor store, hide bottles in my giant bag and head back to my (dry) campus.

The view from my dorm room

The view from my dorm room

At the time I was a raspberry vodka and sprite drinker but Boris introduced me to whiskey sours that night.

He regaled me with tales of his deployments in the Navy and some funny stories about his sister. We really hit it off. And pissed off my room-mate. For many reasons.

Anyway… Like I said we really hit it off. He told me he was going to marry me. He also said he was going to join the Army. Then asked me if I could handle being an Army wife. I said no and kind of thought he was being ridiculous.

He ended up staying over that night. Read into that what you will. The next morning I got into trouble for the very first time at my school. The school cop was shocked because I had been able to stay out of trouble until then, not that I never did anything wrong, I just never got caught. Like I said, I pissed my room-mate off, and she totally narc’d on me. Totally worth it.

Boris and I have been together since that March day in 2008 (March 24th to be exact).

We got married a little over 5 months later, and what do you know, he did join the Army and I guess I can handle it.

Oh and in case you were wondering, no he was not wearing his ball breathing pants.

6 years

Red Flags In A Fledgling Friendship

So my fellow military spouses, ever started a friendship with someone who later turned out to be not exactly the kind of friend you desired, for lack of a better word, a little crazy? I have. A few times. I was younger, dumber and more trusting (to the point where I was friends with a hooker). Now I’m older and I know the red flags to look for in someone who is toxic.

If your new friend shows any of these red flags it doesn’t mean she’s automatically a crazy and she can still be crazy even if she doesn’t meet any of these.


1. Has no friends from “before” whether this is before the military or from the last duty station. No friends typically means bridges were burned. Sometimes this person doesn’t even have family that they talk to. I don’t want to say run… but maybe you should. No one who is 100% innocent is disliked by everyone they’ve ever met, and they should have a few people they have connections with. If they don’t, wonder why.

2. Always a victim. At first if you are a bleeding heart like me you might think “OMG this poor girl, her life seems awful” but after a while you will see it for what it truly is.

3. Is weird about you hanging out with other friends or if you are new to the duty station (or town or college or whatever) discourages you from meeting new people.

4. Hits on your husband, even in a joking manner. I don’t think I even need to say  this one.

5. Drama seems to follow her. You’ve only known this girl for a short time, but hot damn she has had some issues. Whether other ladies, or her landlord, or her own husband.

Have you ever missed the red flags and had to deal with the consequences?