How To Clean My Pal Violet/My Pal Scout

As evidenced by pictures, my daughter is obsessed with her My Pal Violet, she goes everywhere Karina goes. 

Violet was pretty grimy so I bought a new one but decided I needed to clean original Violet or OV as I call her. 
So I scoured the internet trying to find out how to clean her. 
Because obviously this is the age of technology and you can’t just throw your kid’s stuffed animals in the washing machine because they have electronic nonsense all up in there. 
So I found a few things that were like “use a wet cloth” and “woolite” and “tooth brush,” I learned that Violet could also go in the dryer. 
So what I did was used warm water and DeliCare (woolite for cheap people, it’s like $3 a bottle) and a tooth brush. And I scrubbed OV while Karina screamed because although she had new Violet, she wasn’t fooled and knew I had her old pal. 
So I scrubbed the crap out of her and figured she was about as clean as I could get her. And then I threw her in the dryer on “sanitize” because I’m pretty sure Violet had the Bubonic plague. 
Violet now looks like new! Well her paws are still slightly dirty, but she looks a whole lot better than she did. She was gray, kind of like how I imagine a crack addict would look. 

Now she is all fluffy and clean smelling again. And the dryer didn’t ruin her. 
And Karina has 2 Violets. 
And that my friends is how you clean my pal violet or my pal scout.
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