A Guest Post With Booze- I Fully Approve!

Hello, ladies!

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Today Krista is kind enough to let me take over her blog and share my passion with you. What is my passion, you ask? To put it bluntly…drinking! No, no. I’m not an alcoholic, although some days that’s questionable. 😉 But I do have a passion for mixing drinks, whether simple or complicated, luxurious or cheap as a redneck in a run-down Wal-Mart.
Today though, I’m going to share how I make my “gourmet” cocktails on the cheap. These tend to be pretty mild (minus the Coffee Cake Shot), so if you’d like a little kick, just ADD MORE VODKA! :)

First up, the Coffee Cake Shot. Otherwise known as “Let’s get this party started!” It’s pretty simple, which is good, because getting drunk should be easy as pie.
What You Need: 
Your favorite coffee liquer (I use Copo De Oro as a cheap alternative to Kahlua)
Your favorite cake flavored vodka (I prefer UV, but Three Olives was cheaper at the time)
A badass shot glass
Mix It Up:
Fill the shot glass halfway with cake vodka and fill the top half with coffee liqueur. Toss it back and enjoy the burn!
Excuse the tumbler, our shot glasses are packed away!

 Next, we’ve got Rose’s Light Cosmo. This is extremely simple and tasty. I was lucky enough to find the bottle of mix on clearance at Target (and only because the bottle was a little sticky! Score!) and, after trying it was disappointed I hadn’t stocked up on a few more bottles. This stuff goes quick, so use it wisely.
What You Need: 
Vodka of your choice (I prefer Absolut, but anything 80 proof or above is fine by me)
Rose’s Light Cosmopolitan Mix
A tumbler or small glass and a shot glass
Mix It Up: 
Fill the tumbler with ice about halfway. Using a shot glass, pour in two shots of Rose’s Cosmo Mix for every one shot of vodka. *One serving goes pretty quick, so I like to double it up.*
This is only one serving, but feel free to double up!

Now, for the love of my life – The Godiva Chocolate Martini. As a chocolate lover, this drink meets every expectation I had for it. After receiving the Godiva liqueur as a 21st birthday gift (from my former employer, no less) I scoured the web (and, I’ll admit, Pinterest) for great recipes to use it in. Everything I found sounded watery or too weak…until I found thisrecipe. Pure. Chocolate. Orgasm. And yes, I did just use the “O” word in a blog post.
What You Need: 
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
Your choice of coffee flavored liqueur or creme de cocoa
Your choice of vodka (cake, marshmallow, and regular vodka are all great choices)
Half and Half OR soy milk (if you’d like a “healthier” alternative)
A martini glass or small glass and a shot glass

Mix It Up:
Using a shot glass, pour one and a halfshots of Godiva, one and a half shots of coffee liqueur, half shot of vodka, and two and a half shots of half and half. Stir and enjoy! *Optional – before starting, rim your glass with chocolate syrup and dip in graham cracker crumbs. Also optional, serve on the rocks.*


Altogether, my “alcohol collection”, as my dad so affectionately dubbed it, and the other ingredients listed cost me about $60. I can get about 30 drinks out of all of this for the cost of about 6 drinks out at the bar. What a steal! If you’re a semi-regular drinker like myself (and drink wine or beer interchangeably), this should last you about a year, even if you’re entertaining small groups.

Does 5 bottles of liquor really count as a collection?

So there you have it! Cocktails on a budget. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to play around with substitutions. Happy mixing! :)

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