My Beef With Fort Meade’s Housing (Picerne)

So it all started over a year ago when we first got here and we were told we only had one house option, this is not true, they have to offer you three, I knew this was false, the Barbarian did not. So we took basically the smallest crappiest housing this base has to offer, yay us.

We spent a little over a year in that tiny little crap hole.

During that year most times when I had a maintenance issue my “ticket” would get “lost” and I’d be calling and calling until it got fixed. Some notable experiences were when we had a gas leak, and we knew it was leaking and they told us that “no that’s normal” we noticed it about a week after we moved in, it was outside of our house in our front yard, they tried to tell us it was a vent or something, yeah not okay. We called probably 4 times about it. Some days it would be more noticeable than others. Each time they told us it was fine and not to worry. On Halloween, quite a few parents told us about the smell, and we were like we know and told them how Picerne said it was fine. We decided we’d call the fire department’s non emergency line, and basically next thing you know Picerne fixed the leak.

Then this summer I had a snake in my house because the weather-stripping on my door was no good. So I called and called and called, finally 2 weeks later and 6 lost tickets later, it finally got fixed.

I thought that Picerne was starting to suck less when I got offered my new house.

I was wrong.

When I did my initial walk through, before I signed my lease, I noticed that the carpets were not secured to the floor, and the housing person I was dealing with said that it would get taken care of, and I was like “Awesome” and figured it would get done in the week until I signed my lease.

Well on lease signing day it still wasn’t done. And they weren’t sure they could get someone in to fix it before my movers came the next day. That is not acceptable. So I finally did what I should have been doing all along and called RCI (Residential Communities Initiative Liason Office, I think most bases have them, so if you are having issues with your housing company, give them a call). And what do you know? They sent the carpet guy right over.

I had a few other maintenance requests that week, done in a timely manner and I figured that would be the end of it.

Again. I was wrong.

I hadn’t been able to set up my washer/dryer until the weekend (which will be its own post, oh boy) and when I finally did, my washer didn’t work properly, I tried to do a load in cold water, and it was boiling hot. So then I tried to do a load in hot just to see if the pipes were crossed and nothing happened and my washer gave me the “IE” error message. I quickly figured out that the pipes were broken. So I called on Saturday night. They have a weekend team so I figured someone would at least call me on Sunday to determine if it was an emergency, no call.

I called on Monday morning, and then two more times in the afternoon, once I was told that someone would be there in a half hour. Conveniently when a half hour had passed the office was closed and I was transferred to the 3rd party company who answers after hours calls, who ALWAYS lose my tickets and by that I mean never put them in the system.

So I called again this morning, was not satisfied they said they sent someone to the wrong address, really? 4 different people got wrong addresses when I clearly stated my address? I mean I can see it happening once, but 4 times? Lies.

So again I called RCI and about 10 minutes later I got a call from Picerne saying that someone was on the way.

The maintenance guy didn’t say anything about multiple tickets, he only told me about the one with the wrong address, which by the way is the house next door and is obviously empty.

The pipes were mislabeled and something else that made no cold water come out, it was such an easy fix for the guy.

Sad thing is I am not the only one with problems like this, but basically the point of this post is to bitch if you live on post and are dissatisfied with how base housing is handling something you have the option to call RCI and don’t be afraid to name names if someone is particularly rude or isn’t doing their job.

What have been your most memorable experiences with base housing?


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    We have Picerne here! They’ve been fairly good, except they tried to offer us only one house and when we told them that we didn’t want a house with a patio that angled towards the house (aka: perpetual big puddle) they assured us it was because it had just rained, no biggie. We said no, show us more houses. They threw a fit, but we got to see two others and chose the last house. We weren’t backing down!

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    Heather J says

    Uh. Craptastic! Sorry you had all the drama mama. I always had regrets for not living on Base for atleast a year or two to see the difference in community & what not. Most bases we have been at the Officer housing is pretty nice too, but I always had my doubts, and now I’m glad I did! I know most people decide to live on base because its easier, cheaper, whatever..but it really doesn’t seem worth it to me..I have tons of friends over the past 7 years who have had nothing but drama with housing. Matter of fact, I don’t think I have heard ONE golden book story yet!!!

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      Krista says

      ahhh sorry so late, stick with blogger, ill screen shot how to fix it so i can comment as name/url and email to you!

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    Honestly your blog just kills me. I’m not a milspouse but seriously read it all the time and I’m a HUGE fan. Maybe this isn’t the best post to comment on (sorry you had to deal with all the housing crap) but at least you have a sense of humor ;)

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    Ugh sorry! Billing was horrible too and we lived in the new housing. After only being there for a year our carpets came up, our dishwasher broke and the “wood” (laminate like) floor in the dining room looked horrible.

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      Krista says

      that is what happens, they use the cheapest materials possible. i have found that its better to move into unrenovated/older housing because the privatized housing uses cheap crap to renovate with, but the older housing was built with more stable and long lasting materials.